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Browse The Web With Baidu's Special Mobile Offering.

Baidu Browser (also known as DU Browser) is a free web browser available from Baidu. It provides impressive speeds via its T5 engine, significant ease of use thanks to its bundled features, and several region-specific features that make it particularly good in some parts of Southeast Asia.

Speed That Doesn't Bug You

Baidu Browser really is faster than several of its competitors, though how much faster varies from browser to browser. It is particularly fast in terms of loading pages; when it comes to navigating the browser itself, such as its settings, it can be a bit slower, and there are some pugs to be had, such as the browser failing to respond to touch. Baidu Browser can also play videos in a smaller 'window' while you browse other web pages, which is novel, but it requires a fast device and a faster connection to work well.

Wherever You Are

Baidu Browser is definitely worth considering as your primary browser if you are in one of the regions where region-specific features are offered. The ability of Indonesian users to hunt down GIFs, subscribe to things they like and catch up on sports all from the browser by default is quite nice, but as of this writing, users from regions such as China get no exclusive features. Taiwanese users may also enjoy the browser; others should consider whether the speed is worth the potential oddities.

Baidu Browser provides you easy, fast and safe access to browse everything on the Internet.

Find “My favorites”, “Recommendation” and “Discovery” on 3 screens. Fast browsing (with T5 engine), fun videos, news and more are all just a single tap or swipe away.With its unique global certification system, Baidu Browser will identify malicious websites and ensure that you have a secure and fast browsing and downloading experience.


  • Region-specific features
  • Quite fast


  • Not as useful in some regions
  • Some bugs

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Baidu Browser


Baidu Browser for Android

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